Can you tell me about RocheMartin's products?

Who are RocheMartin?

RocheMartin are global leaders in the field of Emotional Intelligence psychometrics and development. We have worked with a large number of Fortune 500 companies for over 20 years to help their people build social and emotional skills to unleash their potential. Our approach is evidence-based and our psychometric tools have been validated through peer-reviewed empirical research. Importantly, our approach to development is practical and translates Emotional Intelligence competencies into the language of business performance.

What is the ECR?

The ECR is a 77 question, 12-minute online assessment that provides scores on the 10 social emotional skills that distinguish high performing business professionals. It is the world's first developmental tool to measure emotional intelligence as it pertains to leadership performance.

When an individual completes the assessment, scores are calculated and a fully customized coaching report is produced, highlighting strengths and development areas across 10 key social emotional competencies. In addition to the results, the report provides suggestions and exercises on how to strengthen a given competency to improve performance and well-being.

RocheMartin coaches are uniquely qualified to administer and interpret the ECR, as well as accurately assess a person’s signature strengths and development areas. This transformational process helps people to build the key social and emotional competencies that distinguish world-class performers and increases chances of success.

How rigorous is the science behind the ECR?

The ECR was developed by highly experienced psychologists and experts in the area of EQ -  Dr. Martyn Newman and Judy Purse- and is based on extensive research of the social and emotional competencies related to high level leadership performance.

The ECR is based on rigorous science and was initially developed and validated by collecting normative data from 3’240 professional people from 11 different geographical regions.

The tool has very good statistical reliability and validity, which provides increased confidence in the dependability and quality of the profile.

As with any high level psychometric tool, data continues to be collected and ongoing empirical research is being carried out to develop and refine the ECR.

How does the ECR compare to other psychometric tools being used in business today?

The ECR is different to other psychometric tools currently being used within the world of business, as it is the first tool to explicitly measure EQ as it pertains to leadership performance. The tool is normed on a large number of high performing professional people and the language is geared specifically towards enhancing performance in a business setting. 

The ECR is different to personality assessments such as Insights Discovery, Hogan or the MBTi, as there is a specific focus on development of skills, rather than simply developing self-awareness. Generally speaking, personality assessment seeks to increase self-awareness while assessments based on social and emotional competencies such as the ECR, seek to increase use and development of skill over time.

What is the ECR 360?

The ECR is available in a multi-rater edition – the ECR 360™ Multi-Rater Report. The ECR 360™ uses an online multi-rater method and, through the combination of responses from colleagues, an individual’s scores are compared to ‘Rater’ scores to yield a gap analysis and an understanding of differences in self/other perception. A Coaching Section examines those particular factors where ‘Self’’ scores and ‘Rater’ scores are significantly different and provides coaching strategies for improving leadership performance.

What is SmartCoach?

SmartCoach is a tailored e-learning programme to help you focus on the areas of Emotional Intelligence that you would most like to develop.

Each module gives you practical, scientific insights. You'll learn why these capabilities matter, and get practical strategies for developing them through a mix of short videos from Dr. Martyn Newman, interactive exercises and quizzes.

What is ECR Selection?

The ECR Selection Report™ is an effective tool for talent identification and selecting high-performing employees. In addition to providing scores on the ten emotional and social competencies of emotional intelligence, the Selection Report provides a guide to the interpretation of scores that can be explored during a behavioral interview. The interaction of high scores and low scores are explored in light of their potential impact on performance and key follow-up questions are presented to guide the interview. A Summary Evaluation provides an opportunity to evaluate the level of confidence in the candidate’s emotional intelligence profile as well as an opportunity to make recommendations.

What is the ECR Group Report?

The RocheMartin Group report aggregates ECR or 360 results in teams to measure their level of emotional intelligence (EQ) across the 10 competencies in the Emotional Capital Report (ECR & ECR 360), associated with leadership and professional success. This helps to identify areas that have a development need within teams, so they can be targeted with appropriate interventions.

The report can be grouped by specific teams or on a bespoke basis.

Reporting for an entire organization is available through our ECO Tool.

What is the ECR Youth?

The Emotional Capital Report - Youth (ECR Youth) is an assessment that is designed to measure a young person’s emotional intelligence. It is a brief, scientifically validated assessment of emotional intelligence in young people and its development is based on the research behind RocheMartin’s emotional intelligence assessment - the Emotional Capital Report. 

The ECR Youth has been psychometrically validated using a normative database of 1,908 young people’s scores from across the world, include UK, African and the Middle East. It comprises 77 items that reflect critical aspects of the skill being measured and indicates the presence of these skills in the behavior of the individual being assessed. The language of the items has been formulated to be accessible to young people with the average reading comprehension of 12 - 18-year-old young people.

The ECR Youth Summary Report provides a quick snapshot of the results of the assessment and presents these in a graphic and numeric summary of scores. The Summary Report provides an objective standard for measuring a young person’s level of emotional intelligence.

What is the ESi?

The Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi™) represents an innovation in the measurement of the psychological skills of elite athletes. It is an exciting advance in our understanding of the building blocks that are scientifically linked to elite sports performance. The ESi™ provides an efficient, valid assessment of an athlete’s emotional intelligence and produces:

The ESi Sports Report™ - a development tool that provides athletes with a comprehensive interpretation of their performance potential based on their emotional intelligence. The report includes: a global Total ESi score; an individual’s scores on 10 emotional competencies linked to effective sports performance and a validity scale that measures positive response bias. The ESi Sports Report also provides narrative descriptions of the emotional skills associated with each score, a wealth of coaching strategies for developing emotional intelligence and sports performance, and an action plan for designing a personal blueprint to build the skills for sustained elite performance.

What are the benefits of becoming a certified ECR/ECR 360 practitioner?

The benefits associated with becoming a certified ECR practitioner are vast, but the key benefit is that it equips practitioners with the most practical and effective method for delivering powerful ECR feedback. This tried and tested transformational process is proven to facilitate behavioural change and improve performance and well-being within the workplace.

Further benefits include:

  • Equips practitioners with the skills and knowledge to administer, interpret and deliver feedbacks based on the ECR to enhance performance and build emotional strength.
  • CPD
  • Joining a community of other ECR practitioners, which enables ideas and knowledge to be exchanged, as well as providing a valuable networking opportunity.
  • A tried and tested methodology for behavioural change
  • A tool that shows tangible results to programmes, thus increasing chances of winning new work.