Over the last two decades RocheMartin has become one of the most trusted names in Emotional Intelligence, mindfulness and leadership. We’ve authored a suite of exclusive tools and helped some of the world’s most iconic brands adapt and flourish in the Digital Age.

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Scientific Rigour

RocheMartin provides a platform to help individuals, teams and organisations measure, build and benefit from Emotional Intelligence.


Our flagship assessments, the Emotional Capital Report (ECR) and ECR 360, were specifically developed in the organisational context and are based on an analyses of more than fifteen years of scientific research. They represent a significant advance in the scientific measurement and development of Emotional Intelligence, particularly in professional people.

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Global Experience

The RocheMartin platform is used in more than 50 countries by over 2,000 Certified Practitioners.


We have helped transform the performance of both individuals and organisations across different cultures and in all sizes of organisations including some of the world’s best known brands such as Google, Oracle, Citi Bank and Johnson & Johnson.

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Practical & Impactful Strategies

Our Emotional Capital model identifies the components of each Emotional Intelligence competency so that the specific behaviours can be understood and acquired step-by-step to improve performance.


The RocheMartin digital platform provides business professionals with the tools and practical strategies to manage programme delivery successfully and deliver ROI.

Global pioneers in the field of Emotional Intelligence

Our co-founders, Dr Martyn Newman and Judy Purse are world renowned clinical psychologists and experts in Emotional Intelligence. In 2007 they co-authored the Emotional Capital Report.

Dr Martyn Newman

Dr Martyn Newman
Founder & Chairman

A clinical and corporate psychologist with an international reputation as an expert in emotional intelligence (EQ) leadership and mindfulness. He has held senior academic positions at leading universities in Australia and Europe, and has helped thousands of executives improve their leadership effectiveness. Author of the international bestseller, Emotional Capitalists -The Ultimate Guide to Developing Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and co-author of the Emotional Capital Report™ – the global benchmark for measuring EQ and leadership performance. 

Judy Purse

Judy Purse
Founder & MD APAC

Judy is a consulting psychologist, Co-founder and Director of RocheMartin. She is widely regarded for her business experience and has many years experience in conducting psychological assessments, facilitation and executive coaching in organisations globally. Judy is the co-author of the Emotional Capitalist Report and leads the RocheMartin business in APAC and also holds worldwide responsibility for the certification of both internal and external practitioners.

Guy Halfhead

Guy Halfhead

Guy leads the RocheMartin business on its mission to help people, teams and organizations be their best self, perform at their peak. Prior to joining RocheMartin Guy spent 18 years leading some of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies including Silverfin, Bookatable & KickApps. The common theme in each company was helping individuals at all levels find their passion and achieve more than they thought capable. Guy takes an active interest in the European startup eco-system as an investor, mentor and board advisor.

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Build leadership behaviours and drive performance with EQ

Develop the emotional skills to drive performance and be your best self