Get an efficient, valid assessment of an athlete’s performance potential based on Emotional Intelligence.

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The feedback on the ESi has been very positive. Many comments have come back, including ‘thought-provoking’, ‘stimulating’, and ‘outstanding’. We see the value of Emotional Intelligence in helping support the development of our great players and leaders.”

Stuart Lancaster, Former Head Coach, England Rugby Football Union

An innovation in the measurement of the psychological skills of elite athletes.

The ESi is an exciting advance in our understanding of the building blocks that are scientifically linked to elite sports performance.

The ESi is a brief, simple-to-use measure that can be completed online in only 10 minutes.

It produces advanced reports of an individual’s sports performance potential based on their Emotional intelligence. 


Comprehensive sports report designed to provide practical strategies for building EQ and sports performance


A solid international normative database of elite athletes from Europe, Australia and the USA ensures a broad representation of sports norms.


Very good statistical reliability and validity provides increased confidence in the dependability and quality of the profile.

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Who's it for?

Athletes are often separated not by their technical or cognitive skills, but how well they are able to apply their abilities and talents under a variety of pressures.

With the ESi, sports coaches will now have more information about their athletes emotional competencies to help them reach their true performance potential.

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Measure an athlete's key performance competencies

The ESi is designed to support the development of mental toughness so athletes remain self-motivated and sustain competitive energy.


Get a snapshot of an athlete's global Emotional Intelligence score and how they score on each individual competency.


Receive a fully-customised, 18-page coaching report highlighting strengths and development areas across 10 performance competencies.


A personal action plan is also provided to help build the skills and resources necessary for responding to the challenges of sports competition.

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Enhance your sports coaching with the ESi

Develop the emotional skills in athletes to help them reach their full potential.