Our fully-immersive solution where people can develop Emotional Intelligence skills over a series of workshops to create and maintain the foundation for peak performance.


“RocheMartin has completely transformed our business development culture. Our sales team is more confident in its approach and this has led to exceptional commercial results.”

Daniel Van den Broeck, Senior Vice President, Oracle

Why choose Emotional Intelligence workshops?

What employees most need is support and a safe space to stretch themselves and discover their own potential and build their emotional resources.

Developing your workforce and improving their emotional intelligence skills can increase productivity, improve employee mental health, and help your business adapt to change.

Real growth requires human support

We launched our Emotional Capital Workshop Series to bring people together in facilitated experiences where they could immerse themselves through focused training.

There’s power in shared experiences. It’s the human-to-human support that energises us to lean into our own resources. 

Emotional Intelligence workshops help us to recognise the successes and challenges of others giving us renewed energy, and insight into ourselves. 

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RocheMartin’s Core Emotional Capital Workshop Series

RocheMartin provides a series of workshops that can be delivered by our own experts, or by an in-house certified practitioner. 

By combining science-based Emotional Intelligence training with expert-led coaching, we help people to embrace a more self-aware, and self-confident mindset. 

And as growth is a continuous pursuit, we provide this as a series of workshops to support employees on a journey to enact real change.


Gain a deeper understanding of the 10 core competencies for leadership success

Run either on a half-day or full-day basis, our workshops leave participants feeling cared for with permission to take time to invest in their development, grow from the experience, and put into practice their learnings.


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Inner focus Emotional Intelligence workshop

Discover the key competencies that enable people to develop their leadership presence and communicate authentically and openly.

Participants also explore the dynamic emotional and social skills that support inner development; self-knowing, self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-control.


Develop the capacity to recognise how feelings and emotions impact personal opinions, attitudes, and judgments.


Explore and understand how to manage specific emotional experiences and the behaviours that support inner development and optimal performance.

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Outer focus Emotional Intelligence workshop

This workshop focuses on the skills that enable leaders to maintain an enthusiastic commitment to long-term goals and maintain a view of the big picture in times of change and challenges.


Develop the capacity to redirect attention to see opportunities in difficult situations and to focus on what can be achieved.


Examine the skills of optimism that will allow participants to build resilience and bounce back from setbacks.

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Other focus Emotional Intelligence workshop

This workshop focuses on understanding the emotional experience of others and the emotional dimensions of particular social and professional situations.

Here, participants explore the emotional and social skills that support the capacity to influence others to achieve productive outcomes.


Increase participants’ ability to read the emotional dimensions of a business situation and how to enhance their capacity to influence others to achieve productive outcomes.


Develop more effective strategies to collaborate with and engage the energy of teams.


Learn the key skills necessary to communicate your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs openly.

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Mindfulness workshop

This workshop focuses on the skillful management of breath and its relation to the autonomic nervous system.

Here we consider approaches to integrating positive health practices with emotional and intellectual skills to cultivate emotional balance and wellbeing.


Introduces the methods for establishing mindfulness as a personal and professional practice to sharpen concentration and effective decision making.


Provides an understanding of the physiological basis of destructive and distracting emotions such as anxiety, fear, low morale, anger, and stress - and the practical skills to manage these emotions.


Explores the idea that leaders must be emotionally and socially connected, mentally focused, and spiritually aligned with a clear sense of purpose beyond self-interest.

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Building relationship capital workshop

This workshop leverages the emotional competency of relationship skills and takes a unique and strategic view of business relationships as a platform for long-term business growth.


Understand and identify the key relationships in your company’s network and implement practical strategies for leveraging them to improve business performance.


Introduce new concepts in relationship management including; an understanding of Senior Executives as ‘Chief Relationships Officers’. criteria for evaluating and prioritising key stakeholder relationships, how to convert ‘contacts’ into ‘connections’ and leverage the power of the emotional contract and how to create ‘wins’ for everyone by understanding stakeholder needs.

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Tailored Emotional Intelligence workshops

We have an outstanding reputation for designing and delivering totally unique and tailored workshops to suit all budgets.

Other workshops can be built to your exact needs and cover topics such as Building Resilient Teams, Conflict Management, Authentic Leadership, Spiritual leadership, and more.

Crucially, emotional intelligence is the golden thread that runs through each workshop.

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