Develop the leadership behaviours in people that drive better performance with our innovative Emotional Capital Reports.

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The ECR is more than just a tool and RocheMartin has a very clear process of how you provide that feedback. People in our organisation have said that it’s the best 90 minutes coaching in their career to-date

Diane Hogbin-Mills, Executive Programmes Manager, Network Rail


Our Emotional Capital Reports

Our unique suite of Emotional Capital Reports (ECRs) represent an innovation in the measurement of Emotional Intelligence and the building blocks scientifically linked to leadership behaviours.

Measure and develop your own EQ with the ECR Self

Access your key skills in emotional intelligence and get a comprehensive interpretation of your leadership potential. In just 15 minutes, the ECR delivers scores on the 10 Emotional Intelligence skills that research has found to be linked to professional performance.


Provides narrative descriptions of the leadership behaviours associated with each score


Coaching strategies for developing greater emotional intelligence and leadership abilities


An action plan to design a personal blueprint to build emotional capital.

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ECR Self

Get a comprehensive view of performance with the ECR 360

Our ECR 360 Multi-Rater Report uses a broader evaluation methodology to give you a more rounded view of performance, making it ideal for leadership development programs, executive coaching, and personal development.


Understand the differences in perception by combining responses from your chosen raters and compare these scores to your ‘self’ scores.


View detailed responses from raters via a verbatim section containing open-ended questions.


Receive tailored coaching strategies for improving performance based on the examination of particular factors where Self scores and Rater scores are significantly different.

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ECR 360 report

Evaluate a candidate's strengths and development opportunities in EQ with the ECR Selection.

The ECR selection is a must-have tool for senior HR, learning and development teams and recruitment professionals who want to assess and select internal or external candidates with the most leadership potential.


Evaluate the level of confidence in candidate Emotional Intelligence strengths and development needs.


Understand candidate scores on the ten critical emotional and social competencies of Emotional Intelligence.


Assess a candidates leadership ability and provide a solid platform for ongoing development.

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ECR selection

Get certified to deliver Emotional Intelligence

Becoming a RocheMartin Certified Practitioner empowers you to deliver the world’s most advanced system for measuring and developing Emotional Intelligence.

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Start building your Emotional Capital today.

Develop the emotional skills to drive performance and be your best self.