• Rigorous Science
    Rigorous Science
    "Every once in a while a book appears that isn't just informative, it's inspiring, fun to read and life-changing. Buy it, learn from it and apply it to your daily practice."
    Daniela Sfamei, Allianz
  • Global Clients
    Global Clients
    "RocheMartin have supported a significant transformation at Sky... which continues to be one of the most acclaimed and effective leadership programmes at Sky to-date."
    Ralph Tribe, Sky
  • Proven Expertise
    Proven Expertise
    "Experiencing emotional intelligence with Martyn Newman is a masterclass in understanding how to realize our own true potential. The man is an EQ Genius!"
    Karen Brice, Grant Thornton

Measure your

Emotional Intelligence

Understand which areas of Emotional Intelligence you have strengths in and which ones you can best develop. The Emotional Capital Report (ECR) is the world’s most advanced system for measuring Emotional Intelligence.

Train your

Emotional Intelligence

SmartCoach is a scientifically developed tool with separate modules for each area of Emotional Intelligence. It's delivered digitally, and it's shown to create measurable improvements in Emotional Capital


Emotional Intelligence

Train further and get certified to deliver the world's most sopisticated Emotional Intelligence program. Join the hundreds of other professionals who deliver Emotional Intelligence to individuals and companies.


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