Measure the Emotional Intelligence of young people and help them develop the social and emotional competencies they need to thrive in life.

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Developing the Emotional Intelligence skills of young people at an early age will help them accomplish personal success and maintain long-term emotional well-being.

Dr Martyn Newman, Co-Author ECR Youth and the Emotional Capital Report (ECR), Founder - RocheMartin

An innovation in the measurement of social and emotional skills of young people globally.

The ECR Youth is an exciting step on the road to building the emotional resilience of young people, inoculating them against the negative effects of the most common mental health problems.

The ECR Youth is a brief, simple-to-use measure that can be completed online in only ten minutes.

It produces a summary report of a young person’s current levels of Emotional Intelligence.


Provides educators and administrators with baseline data about the level of Emotional Intelligence in a group or sample of young people.


Offers cross-cultural validation for measuring Emotional Intelligence in young people.


Provides a basis for designing or adapting programs with relevant Emotional Intelligence curriculum components.

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Who's it for?

Social and Emotional Intelligence is a critical skill that helps a young person understand and manage his or her own feelings and behaviours, understand the feelings of others, and build strong relationships. 

This tool is indispensable for any individuals looking to build the emotional competencies in young people and help them flourish.

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Measure a young person's Emotional Intelligence

The ECR Youth is designed to support the rapidly growing mental health and social challenges that young people are facing today.


Provides a quick snapshot of a young person's Emotional Intelligence score and how they score on each individual competency.


Psychometrically validated assessment using a normative database of 1,908 young people’s scores from around the world.


Based on the research behind RocheMartin’s globally acclaimed emotional intelligence assessment - the Emotional Capital Report (ECR).

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