Continuously develop your Emotional Intelligence and leadership skills with our cost-effective SmartCoach coaching solution.

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RocheMartin provides an exceptional partner experience by providing our team with new innovations, research and support to ensure we can deliver a world-class Emotional Intelligence solution to our clients. The portfolio of Emotional Capital products and services provides us with the tools to transform organisations through their leaders and influence real business outcomes.

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Train and improve your Emotional Intelligence with SmartCoach

SmartCoach is a tailored learning programme to help you focus on the areas of Emotional Intelligence that you would most like to develop.

Each module gives you practical, scientific insights. You'll learn why these capabilities matter, and get practical strategies for developing them through a mix of short videos, interactive exercises and quizzes.

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A unique online EQ coaching experience

Each module gives you exclusive video content from leading psychologist Dr Martyn Newman providing you with key insights into the skills of emotional intelligence. 


Develop EQ skills - Interactive modules showcase specific skills, and downloadable EQ SmartTips enable skill transfer to the workplace.


Track progress - Set and track goals, then share them with coaches and colleagues who can support your EQ development.


Measure and evaluate - End of module evaluations consolidate and measure learning.

Explore the SmartCoach modules

With individual SmartCoach online modules, you can choose the EQ competency you want to focus on and build. 

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SmartCoach Bundle

Take the complete suite of 7 EQ modules as part of your online learning to build the key emotional intelligence skills scientifically linked to effective leadership.

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Discover how to sense opportunities in the face of adversity, to be resilient and remain focused on the vision and possibilities.

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Increase your decision-making abilities and be a self-directed person demonstrating responsibility and personal power.

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Learn to express opinions openly while respecting other viewpoints, how to challenge constructively and give clear messages.

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Develop greater confidence in your skills and abilities and maintain motivation to achieve challenging goals.

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Relationship Skills

Maintain mutually satisfying relationships characterised by positive expectations and gain the support and commitment of others.

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Achieve greater work/life balance and enjoy setting challenging goals and resulting accomplishments.

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Discover how to understand others' feelings and thoughts, to listen well and communicate in a manner that takes others' feelings and circumstances into account.

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Continuously enhance your EQ skills with SmartCoach

Develop the emotional skills to drive performance and be your best self.