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Here are a selection of articles and videos about Emotional Intelligence and its relevance to the challenges of leadership and how it can be creatively applied to achieve personal goals

Emotional Intelligence and sports performance /

How England Can Gain An Edge At The 2018 World Cup

Athlete Mental Health /

How Can We Prevent Rather Than Fix The Athlete Mental Health Epidemic?

Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making /

Are we setting up our male sports stars to fail in life?

Emotional Intelligence and sports performance /

Reflecting On Andy Robertson’s Rise To The Top

EQ and Sales /

The 3 Essential Emotional Intelligence Skills Driving Sales Success

Emotional Intelligence in Young People /

Building Emotional Intelligence Should Be Part of the School Curriculum

Pendulum Summit 2018 /

The single most important skill to be an exceptional leader in the future workplace - do you have it?

Dr. Martyn Newman argues that the key skills people need to master to become exceptional leaders in the future workplace is emotional intelligence and the capacity to quieten the mind.

Future of Work event /

The Future of Work - Dr. Martyn Newman

Putting humans at the heart of business transformation - the role of EI and AI.

Pendulum Summit 2018 /

What are the critical emotional intelligence skills that are highly predictive of leadership performance?

Listen to Martyn summarise the content from his 2 compelling keynotes from the Summit in January 2018.

Pendulum Summit 2018 /

There are two ways to influence people as a leader - you can manipulate them or you can inspire them

In January 2018, RocheMartin Managing Director, Martyn Newman spoke alongside other global visionaries such as Sir Richard Branson, Baroness Michelle Mone and Brad Sugars.


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