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Here are a selection of articles and videos about Emotional Intelligence and its relevance to the challenges of leadership and how it can be creatively applied to achieve personal goals

Mindfulness /

Introduction to Mindfulness

In this short video, Dr. Martyn Newman introduces you to the concept of mindfulness and explains how leaders can practise mindfulness to improve attentional focus, reduce anxiety and relieve stress.

Measuring Emotional Intelligence /

The Emotional Capital Report (ECR)

Watch this video to learn about RocheMartin's globally used - Emotional Capital Report (ECR) - the world’s most advanced system for measuring Emotional Intelligence.

RocheMartin News /

What we do

Training /

Emotional Intelligence Certification

Watch the video to learn how you can get certified to deliver the world’s most advanced system for measuring and developing emotional intelligence.

Online Learning /


SmartCoach is the latest in online learning technology that provides a platform for organisations with a global, cost-effective solution for building leadership effectiveness.

Emotional Intelligence /

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Watch this video to uncover the concept of emotional intelligence.

EQ Summit 2017 /

EQ SUMMIT 2017-Highlights and behind the scenes footage

EQ Summit 2017 /

EQ SUMMIT 2017-The Highlights

EQ Summit 2017 /

Emotional Capitalists - Leaders of Innovation

Case Studies /

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness Training at Sky

The last two years have seen RocheMartin work with Europe's largest media company - Sky, to develop leadership, innovation and productivity through building emotional intelligence and mindfulness skills.


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