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webPrivate Equity, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Pharma and Tech. Charity sector on a pro-bono basis.

Regions served

webEurope, North America, Asia Pacific



  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Wellness and Wellbeing
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Women As Leaders
  • Change Management


Adaptaa is a trailblazing Executive Coaching and Leadership Development firm, led by four international leadership coaches working globally with individuals and organisations.

We work primarily with Private Equity, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Pharma and Tech industries, supporting them to make positive changes to their leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

Our coaches share a passion for improving emotional intelligence, driving high performance, and creating positive impact in the modern workplace and the world. We co-create tailored, bespoke leadership programmes with our corporate clients. And we inspire and get inspired by our community of leaders in our open programmes – Inspiring Women, A-list leadership programme, Programme Artemis, and our annual Audacious Leaders retreats.

Our in-house and open programmes are creating a community of emotional intelligent leaders, who are shaping the leadership of tomorrow through their actions today.


Emotional Intelligence

We provide EQ assessments, as part of our 1-2-1, peer group and team coaching for our individual and corporate clients. Our coaches are accredited in analysing and interpreting the ECR reports. We also provide corporate workshops and keynote speeches on "Leading with Emotional Intelligence", “Managing Conflict”, “Building Presence and Gravitas”, “Communicating with impact”, “Navigating change and uncertainty”, all based on the foundational ten EQ leadership competencies and principles.

Executive Coaching

Adaptaa provides Executive Coaching programmes specifically tailored to our client's needs, with a direct positive impact on personal and professional lives. We do so through 1-2-1, peer group and team coaching services, helping clients to increase awareness, responsibility, and choice. Our programmes enable clients to change their perspective, achieve their full potential and increase their impact.

Team Coaching

Adaptaa works with the leader and his/her team to achieve high performance by creating a team climate where the collective goal is above the individual egos and the team acts like a single hive-mind. The group’s psychological safety and the achievement of outstanding results through collaboration are our main goals. We use the Team Performance Accelerator (“TPA”) Model, as well as various psychometrics (360 ECR, Hogan, Strengths, Systemic Constellations), depending on need and team size.

Leadership Development

Adaptaa offers bespoke Leadership Programmes which are designed for leaders and aspiring leaders seeking to improve their ability to lead and influence others effectively. Participants in our programmes are leaders open to being challenged to think and learn differently and stretch themselves to the next level of their leadership journey. We guide leaders to become Adaptable, Authentic, and Audacious. Our current open leadership programmes include: Inspiring Women (every quarter), Artemis (every September), Audacious Leaders Retreat.

Wellness and Wellbeing

We deliver a bi-annual leadership retreat in Transylvania (May and September) for groups of 14 leaders, where the focus is on the holistic overall wellbeing of each participant. Our coaches are trained in body and mind intelligence offering a wide range of services, including mediation practices and spiritual leadership tools.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are a culturally diverse team, passionate about DE&I. We deliver workshops on “Unconscious Bias”, “Managing conflict in an inclusive way”, “Leading with Empathy” and “Collaborative leadership”. We collaborate with experts on cultural diversity, ethnic diversity and neurodiversity.

Women As Leaders

Our programme “Inspiring Women Leaders” is an ‘open’ programme, where women leaders work closely with other senior women from various organisations, strong contributors in their role, sharing similar challenges and experiences, over a six-month period. We hand pick our professional women looking to define their authentic leadership style, supporting them on their leadership journey. This programme runs 4 times a year for groups of 8 women. We co-created Women Leadership programmes for cohorts between 15-30 women for global Investment Banks over a period on 9-12 months at a time.

Change Management

Most change programmes fail. Most people want to transform, yet few are ready to change. Change involves adopting an adaptive, growth mindset. Our approach is centred on mindset and habit formation, targeting the immunity to change, inherent in most humans. Our workshops on “Managing change and uncertainty” focus on the three stages of change and the EQ muscle of adaptability, helping participants to develop key behaviours such as accountability, responsibility and ownership of their own changes.