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Andreea Negoita Academy

Andreea Negoita Academy has been founded by Andreea Negoita. It started with offering individual & group coaching programmes, with the purpose of improving people’s lives. The founder of the company started the business with a tremendous passion and drive, of offering everyone equal chances to education and development. Andreea even provided various volunteering students programs meant to transform the perception around mindset, self-development and emotional intelligence. She has a genuine drive of making an impact in the society and the world, by always sharing from her knowledge and expertise.

Andreea continuously invested in her own development with the goal of offering excellence in every service provided. Therefore, the company itself has transformed since 2021, and now, it provides Emotional Intelligence Coaching programmes, in various forms, to individuals & companies, using the world's most advanced Emotional Intelligence assessment - with the mission of helping people develop their emotional intelligence, so that they can become better at who they are and obtain unlimited success, both personally and professionally.

The expertise provided by the company is in fields such as: Individual & Group Coaching, Tailored Development Programmes based on Emotional Intelligence Scores, Communication, Training, Points of You® Explorer and more.

The company works globally, supporting individuals and companies at all levels. All services are available in English.

Andreea's current skillsets & qualifications include:

• Emotional Intelligence Certified

• Certified Coach - Coaching for Professional

• People Management and Development (Performance Management, Talent Management Team Management)

• Human Resources Processes - Employee Journey from Hire to Retire

• Strategy definition through Design Thinking Process

• Certificate in Leveraging Neuroscience for Team Performance Impact

• Certificate in Personal Branding - How to create a strong Personal Brand inside and outside organization

• Certificate in Negotiating to Yes

• Personal Leadership Influence CMI Qualification

• Certificate in Communicating for Impact

• Certificate in Planning for Results

• Certificate in The Collaborative Influencer

Founder note: Thank you for taking the time to read through these details. If you want to find out more details on my work or on how I can inspire you and your business, please do get in touch with me via my website on the left side of this page, via my LinkedIn Profile: or via e-mail:

I am based in Bucharest Romania and I am reachable online from every corner of the world, providing all discussions and services in English. I can't wait to meet you, hear your story and reveal that infinite power of yours.

From a place of love & gratitude,

Andreea - Founder of Andreea Negoita Academy


Emotional Intelligence

We have a qualified partner with Roche Martin, providing the world's most advanced Emotional Intelligence assessment. We leverage the tool to see actual emotional intelligence scores, to create afterwards, tailored Coaching Programmes, meant to help individuals increase these scores. We invest time in understanding your needs, so that the services we provide are relevant. Here, at Andreea Negoita Academy, we believe in the infinite power of every human being, and we are here to reveal yours. We look at our customers from a holistic perspective, impacting success in every area of their lives. We offer masterclasses, workshops and coaching for entire companies, smaller teams and individuals. Our work is a combination of quality information and thousands of hours of self-development, experience and intuition, meant to apply to real world needs and challenges.


We offer a wide range of coaching Programmes, both for individuals and companies at all levels. We will work with you to understand where you currently are and plan attainable goals to make you be where you want to be. The Coaching process uses an incremental approach, so that you can step by step, make sustainable changes. During the process, our mission is to look at your goals from a holistic perspective. This, because we truly care about your needs at every level: personal, professional, and more.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is meant to impact the way teams work and how fast and efficient they can achieve their goals. The coaching can start from team goals and needs, or can be based on emotional intelligence team score, powered by the world's most advanced Emotional Intelligence assessment. Either way, we will always spend enough time to understand your needs, so that we can create tailored Programmes for you. Great customer experience is our north star in everything we do. We are using various tools such as: Punctum, a dynamic and metaphorical tool that is meant to help stimulate a moment of discovery and clarity. Points of You, a powerful tool meant to turn insights into actions and Inside Hero, a self-development coaching experience. Take action and make your teams the core of your business.

Leadership Development

We offer tailored Leadership Programmes based on your specific needs, uncovered by deep, meaningful conversations. Over the course of the Programmes, our mission is to support and inspire leaders to become better at what they do, while developing skills such as: emotional intelligence, communication, active listening, feedback, motivation and more. Our mission is to prepare the Leaders of tomorrow and equip them with everything they need to impact not only their teams and business, but also their day to day lives. The process uses an incremental approach meant to implement step by step sustainable changes. We make use of our deep expertise of over 12 years of experience in big companies from various industries and roles. We mix this expertise with up-to-date information, dedication, and intuition. Contact us and get yourself prepared for leading your way.

Women As Leaders

Andreea Negoita Academy understand the challenges a woman can have when in a Leadership Position. We know that women fulfill so many roles nowadays and we believe that the secret to fulfill these with impact, is to get the right amount of support, when needed. The mission of Woman as Leaders Coaching Programmes is to look after woman in all their roles: employee, colleague, manager, woman, mother, wife, daughter and many more. The services in this area cover a combination of coaching, development and mentoring in areas such as professional development, health and well-being, lifestyle, relationships and mindset so that we build those strong women that nurture business and lives we appreciate and love.