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Anne Koopmann - Lead like YOU!


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Anne Koopmann - Lead like YOU!

Lead Like YOU! is a practice for leadership coaching and team development. With a focus on strengths development, courageous leadership and emotional intelligence, Anne supports STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) organisations and leaders to build diverse & human-centred cultures to develop effective and future-ready teams. Based in Cologne, Germany, I’m your ideal bilingual facilitator for your next team workshop, event or leadership development program in English and German. Delivery can be arranged for locations in Germany and the rest of Europe.


Emotional Intelligence

The way we work has probably changed forever. Many teams work in a hybrid working model. It provides many difficulties for leaders and their teams. They have to keep their team engaged, manage performance, adapt their communication strategies, pre-empt stress management and support individuals and their resilience and constant adaptability to change. Leaders feel the many logistical and emotional challenges and are often fatigued themselves. In the end, it all comes down to a psychologically safe environment, human connection, empathy, resilience and how well the emotional and rational needs of the individuals are met. This is where Emotional Intelligence (EI) plays a vital role in how well individuals manage themselves and their relationships with others. Building Emotional Intelligence is an investment in your organization’s long-term well-being. I offer the RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence assessment, 360 ECR ssessments, 1:1 leadership coaching and team workshops.


My Coaching focusses on leadership dveelopment with a strengths-based approach. Please refer to the section "Leadership Development" for more information.

Team Coaching

Strengths-based team development and leadership coaching is an effective and proven solution to building positive workplace cultures, influential leaders and high-performing teams. Understanding each other’s talents is our best opportunity for team success, high engagement and employee retention. When leaders and teams use a strengths-based team development approach to increase self-awareness and discover what they do best and what motivates them, they'll have stronger team dynamics, better conversations, increased collaboration, and a common purpose. They understand how they can best work together to accomplish their goals and performance objectives.

Leadership Development

To become the best leader for their team, leaders have to lead themselves first. They must build their self-awareness to understand their strengths and how to manage themselves, their needs and motivations, and their blind spots. Strengths-based Leadership Coaching will support your leaders to become authentic, vulnerable and confident leaders who inspire their teams and lead by example. This coaching approach will also help your leaders understand how others perceive them and what could get in the way of effective leadership. Together we will explore their strengths and develop individual strategies to build their unique strengths-based leadership style and emotional intelligence competencies so they can thrive in any situation as a leader. We can also develop an individualized approach to manage their team members based on their collective strengths, blind spots, needs and motivators.

Culture Development

We support organisations in defining and implementing a new culutre accross the whole business or team. We focus the work on the emotional culture and the impact this has on the employee journey. Emotional culture influences employee satisfaction, motivation, connection, engagement, burnout, teamwork, and even ‘hard’ measures such as financial performance and absenteeism. Utilizing the Emotional Culture Deck, we will run workshops to help leaders understand what drives and motivates the people in their organization. This tool allows for structured face-to-face conversations about workplace culture, feelings, and employee experiences. Together we will map your organization's or team's collective emotional culture and define the desired behaviours that inform the lived values of the organisation.

Women As Leaders

I offer a 12-week Leadership Program for emerging women leaders in the STEM sector. Over the course of the program we support women to lead with confidence, communicate effectively and create an impact. Together we will build their unique leadership brand, increase their emotional intelligence, develop effective communication and feedback skills, and build their strengths-based leadership capabilities. I offer this program several times a year for the public. We can also provide this program with an exclusive cohort for your organisation with a minimum of 8 participants.