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  • Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Wellness and Wellbeing
  • Culture Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Change Management


I provide services to organizations and individuals in the form of leadership development, team development and coaching. I have been engaged with organizations in long-term contracts designing, developing and facilitating long-term L&D programs.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a part of all my processes, in one form or the other and I include it in programs for both individuals and groups


I provide coaching both for leaders and employees.

Executive Coaching

I use emotional intelligence practices in executive coaching sessions.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is designed according to the needs of teams and EI is an inherent part always.

Leadership Development

Leadership development is a long-term project of 12 months duration and a combination of large group session and one-to-one coaching session.

Culture Development

Culture and leadership are inter-connected and strategy needs to be aligned with culture. That is the aim of the program.