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Breakthrough Leadership


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  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Women As Leaders
  • Change Management

Breakthrough Leadership

Breakthrough Leadership exists to resolve humanity by resolving leaders. A resolved leader is one who is able to take into account the needs of others and make values-based decisions. These leaders create a bigger pie that feeds everyone better.

The vast majority of leaders today lack the emotional intelligence to make wise decisions. They are governed unconsciously by the values clashes, repressed emotions and limiting beliefs of their own pasts, held in place by the fear-based group-think of their peers and sub-ordinates.

These leaders create disengaged employees and dissatisfied shareholders, whilst profiting personally at the expense of both.

Our primary task with all our clients is to help them individuate. When Abraham Maslow came up with the term 'self-actualisation', he couldn't find enough self-actualised people to study. We take our clients into the self-actualisation space using our proprietary Breakthrough process, and then onwards for them to become true servant leaders.

We can assist one individual, or the whole team, depending on the size of change you want to make.


Emotional Intelligence

We use the RocheMartin ECR 360 before and after our Breakthrough interventions to measure the step-change in Emotional Intelligence

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching is distinctively different from the norm. We go deep into the unconscious mind to release all the values clashes, repressed emotions and limiting beliefs. We then support the executive to embed the positive habits and behaviours they need to succeed in their ambitions.

Team Coaching

Clients use a series of our Team Breakthrough Days to build autonomy and accountability, whilst stepping away from blame, excuses and denial. We support the teams with coaching sessions in between the quarterly events to help them stay on track.

Leadership Development

We use our proprietary Peak Performance Pyramid model that takes clients through the 3 stages of mastery: mastery of self; mastery of working with others; mastery of working through others. We aim to create true servant leaders capable of acting globally. Our services can be delivered to individuals or in group settings.

Women As Leaders

We can run our Breakthrough Leadership retreats for women only. This is an intense 3-day process to release the baggage of the past and to embrace the present. Sessions include emotional release, dissolving limiting beliefs, building assertiveness and non-violent communication (NVC).

Change Management

Our CM service is a combination of individual Breakthroughs, Breakthrough Retreats, Team days and executive coaching according to the needs of the organisation. As a general rule, we start at the top and work down.