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High-Performing Ventures are created by Ambitious People who are driven to create true Innovation. That's what We do for You.

Mentoring PLUS - The next generation of Business Coaching.

Emotional Intelligence at work.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Capital is the value created by the positive morale, engagement and commitment demonstrated by leaders, employees and customers. Great leadership follows the regular practise of 10 leadership competencies  Great leaders motivate and inspire others  Leadership begins with self-leadership and personal mastery We assess the Emotional Capital and Leadership Quality of your organisation through the Emotional Capital Reporting tool developed by RocheMartin and deliver subsequent coaching and training.

Executive Coaching

Working with entrepreneurs and senior executives who are passionate about achieving excellence is what I enjoy doing the most. My clients benefit mostly from the following coaching elements: FOCUS Direct their attention to what is most important and focus their energy in a targeted and supportive way to achieve their goals. INDUCE CHANGE THROUGH SMART COMMUNICATION Communicating highly complex concepts in a way that is understood and comprehensible to their clients and stakeholders. Pitching at the highest level. INSPIRE TEAMS THROUGH INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP Based on a specific business case, all my training is bespoke and modular. Embedded in the flow of work with pieces of micro-teaching at a self-directed pace. I aim at the development of self-organized and agile team structures as well as the successful integration of cultures, ways of thinking, and temperaments from different backgrounds.

Leadership Development

L.E.A.D.E.R. - A fascinating leadership approach that offers inspiring and meaningful orientation for experienced and aspiring leaders.

Culture Development

The Culture of an organisation goes hand in hand with the overall level of Emotional Capital and Leadership Mastery. Each organisation is unique. Therefore we help you to explore and nurture the cultural potential of your venture. Your culture is your single most important unique selling point (USP).