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webI serve People before serving Experts. Creative entrepreneurs and Influencing Leaders benefit the most from this typology of coaching.

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Italian Family Business Group Ltd

Personal Coaching focused on emotions mastery, practical philosophy, meditation, and spirituality. One-on-one rapport allows deeper insights and sustainability over time. Team or small group training are also offered, appropriately tailored in accordance with the ideal outcome and the available resources.


Emotional Intelligence

The typology of coaching I am glad to offer focuses mainly on emotions and energies and how what we do on the cognitive spectrum triggers this synergy and alignment. Goal is alignment between emotions, thoughts and actions under a spiritual and philosophical lens. The coaching journey is practical, not theoretical although the intangible topics treated. It oftentimes stretches into spirituality, and meditation for the ones interested. The interventions are sometimes sourced from the school of practical philosophy teaching and this added topic allows the coachee to build a guideline that ultimately leads to progressive achievements.



Executive Coaching

The executive coaching approached from emotional and philosophical point of view focuses on self-discovery allowing leaders to embrace fully the Self. The coaching aims to empower apex-level and below with awareness of emotions either on the self and the outer environments. Generally leads to calmness, clarity and sharpness in thinking and decision making allowing extra room for emotions.

Team Coaching

Team coaching offered aim to bring sensibility concerning own and others emotions in the workplace. The coaching could include meditation or mindfulness practices or even exercises. There is not a one-size-fits-all service, every case is considered singularly and the proposal is tailored in accordance.

Leadership Development

Leadership coaching rooted into EI, practical philosophy and meditation usually empowers company owners, team leaders and even self leaders with emotional, cognitive behavioural awareness that leads to self mastery. Being a leader is a unique attitude, leading people starts from leading the Self, the coaching I offer supports the betterment of soft skills, self knowing and spiritual awareness in order to mature a more efficient leadership culture.

Wellness and Wellbeing

Wellness and wellbeing in the workplace are sometimes supported by purpose-alignment interventions and practices, for example, other times meditative practices are appreciated, in other cases wellbeing lies under self mastery and emotional regulation. Holistic overall wellbeing is the goal. Interventions and pieces of training are tailored to each and any unique human being and/or interlinked team.

Culture Development

The Leadership culture in relation to the degree of performance is a coaching approach I personally root in sir John Whitmore's model of coaching for performance. It helps to understand the four typology of leading and their practical real-life facets. The leader is enabled to determine which culture is in place and what interventions are needed to shift to the higher blocks, ultimately using the leading culture to enhance performance degrees.

Diversity and Inclusion

Culture development coaching focuses on improving a person's perspective on diversities, extrapolating the best whilst putting aside with a smile the common frictions or conflicts. My expertise has been built particularly between Europe and Africa.

Change Management

Change means uncertainties, and the brain could sometimes subconsciously create resistances, sometimes due to overwhelming (uncertain) tasks and oftentimes just due to the storm of emotions triggered by the change (i.e. excitement, anxiety, apprehension, will, hopes, desires). Change management with an orientation on emotions could improve the candidate's approaches and mental talking, ultimately empowering self-confidence and acceptance of those uncertainties out of the control sphere.