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Laura Mongey Coaching


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Laura Mongey Coaching

An executive coach and accomplished values-driven leader with over 20 years of experience working in Tech and FinTech industries. I've specialised in building and scaling diverse, multinational teams in both the EMEA region and Internationally.

As a leader, I believe the best results are achieved in an engaged and inclusive working environment where employees feel valued and motivated to excel.

Servant Leadership and a Growth Mindset are central to my approach. In my work as a passionate executive coach, I help leaders and senior professionals gain greater self-awareness, develop strategies for success and uncover their own unique values.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise and manage our own emotions and to understand and influence the emotions of others. EQ is fast becoming a key differentiator for successful teams. This package includes EQ psychometric testing, an individual coaching session on the results.


Laura Mongey Coaching Services offer personalised one-to-one coaching and team workshops for senior leaders and career professionals to help advance their careers, achieve their goals and maximise their potential

Executive Coaching

1:1 judgement-free, safe and confidential space to think and share with an independent coach. Become unstuck, enhance your brand, hone your leadership skills, remove obstacles to success or just gain clarity and awareness - For this and more, coaching is the perfect professional development tool.

Team Coaching

Short and impactful workshops and team coaching session developed for time-strapped teams to achieve targeted professional development outcomes. Workshops use a buddy system approach that builds connection and collaboration amongst participants and establishes bonds that continue beyond the workshop.

Leadership Development

I create bespoke programs that meets specific challenges and objectives. Programs can include a combination of; individualised coaching, EI assessments, workshops on topics such as leadership, EI, team unity/ culture, resilience, and self-advocacy, as well as team building and experiential learning opportunities to apply the skills they have learned.

Women As Leaders

Career coaching and workshop services for women in leadership offer an empowering approach to building emotional intelligence competencies and developing leadership effectiveness. I provide personalised coaching services to help female leaders to reach their goals, maximize their potential and advance their careers as successful leaders.