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Mélange Coaching


webOur services are available to all sectors in the UK and abroad that are seeking high levels of performance from their teams and their leaders.

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Mélange Coaching

Bringing leadership transformation to life is what we do best at Mélange!

Through Leadership Development, Team Coaching and one-to-one Coaching, we enhance the capabilities of you and your team. Interventions are designed to create, sustain, and embed high performance. In order to achieve lasting change, our work is research-driven.

We work with Teams in organisations, as their Team Coach, as well as providing Group Coaching and one-to-one Coaching to support individuals and teams to align their strengths, talents and resources to drive forward shared vision, goals and objectives.

We also develop organisations to build their own Team Coaching capability through the provision of our accredited Team Coaching Practitioner Programme. Attendees learn the practical steps to implement Team Coaching in their workplace, and with their team. The training is accredited by the EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award (TCQA) for education and training providers. This allows attendees to apply for Individual Team Coaching Accreditation (ITCA) at practitioner level with the EMCC on completion of our programme, a professional designation for team coaches and the first globally recognised standard for Team Coaching.

We are members of the EMCC UK and our business is led by Ivan Beaumont and Bernadette Rothwell.

Ivan is passionate about supporting the development of the Team Coaching profession and is the lead volunteer for the Team Coaching Special Interest Group for the EMCC UK. He is an Executive Director of EMCC UK, as Director of Digital. An accredited Coach and Team Coach, Ivan has 20+ years of coaching and leadership experience and more than 2500 hours of one-to-one coaching experience as an internal coach.

Bernadette has been a coach since 2006, providing one-to-one coaching alongside a former leadership career. An accredited Coach, she has more than 500 hours of one-to-one coaching experience. She has a strategic level of business acumen and is extensively experienced in setting team direction, managing stakeholders and leading virtual teams with a Team Coach approach.


Emotional Intelligence

We offer the RocheMartin Emotional Capital Report Self (ECR) and the Emotional Capital Report: 360. We are trained by RocheMartin to coach participants though this process.


Unlock your potential, discover your inner-confidence and own-brand of leadership working one-to-one with a coach from Mélange. We provide a confidential, creative and challenging space to discuss business goals as well as personal and professional development themes.

Executive Coaching

Our one-to-one Executive Coaching supports the development of your leadership talents and competencies. Our goal is to develop confidence in leading authentically in an executive space, utilising your natural talents and removing self-limiting beliefs, setting a course to lead with your hopes, rather than your fears.

Team Coaching

Our experienced Team Coaches, Ivan and Bernadette, will work with you and your team in order to achieve high performance. We support you to recognise and maximise the unique talents and strengths that you have within your team, and direct them to your vision, goals and targets.

Leadership Development

Become a certified EMCC Team Coach at practitioner level, leading with a Team Coach approach. This works to transform the performance of your teams, time and time again. You will learn Team Coaching competencies, reflect on and grow into your own style of leadership and network with like-minded leaders.