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webAs a Master Executive Coach and Team Coach, Deirdre works with clients in all blue chip industries and across all civil and public sector bodies.

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  • Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Talent Management
  • Wellness and Wellbeing
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Women As Leaders
  • Change Management


Deirdre partners with senior leaders and teams to help them reach their highest potential through tailored coaching, mentoring and training facilitation.


Emotional Intelligence

Deirdre assists leaders in developing their self-awareness and in building their leadership competence in emotional intelligence by providing individual and 360 degree ECR assessments coaching feedback and EQ training.

Executive Coaching

Deirdre has been practicing as a full time Executive Coach for over 20 years and partners with clients in a focused coaching capacity to provide a trusted sounding board and to develop leadership self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Coaching allows the leader to develop greater insight into their core strengths and areas for development and they are supported on an ongoing basis by their Coach.

Team Coaching

As Team Coach, Deirdre partners with Senior teams to explore their different personalities and perspectives, through the use of targeted team assessments to identify strengths and areas for development and explore issues that will help the team work collaboratively together to achieve successful outcomes.

Leadership Development

Leadership starts with self. As a Leadership Coach, Deirdre supports leaders in achieving their highest potential and helps to build their self-awareness through targeted psychometric and Emotional Intelligence Assessments. Deirdre supports the leader on an ongoing basis in working to their strengths and providing insight on areas for leadership development.

Talent Management

Over her career, Deirdre has supported high potentials in developing their potential and career development through focused leadership development training and coaching support.

Wellness and Wellbeing

As an Accredited Transformational NeuroCoach (AA/Dr. Paul Brown; Dr. Srini Pillay Neuro Business Group; Dr Sarah McKay Ph.D Oxford Neuroscience Academy) Deirdre supports leaders in a coaching capacity to support their physical, emotional, mental and mindful awareness.

Women As Leaders

As a Leadership Coach, Deirdre also mentors and supports female leaders in developing their self-awareness and assists them in building their leadership competence and career development, providing insight into their strengths and areas for development through individual and 360 degree ECR assessments and targeted coaching feedback.

Change Management

Throughout her career, Deirdre has implemented successful organisation-wide change programmes for over 25 years both as an organisational development specialist and Consultant. She has worked in many blue chip Companies across all functions to maximise potential and change among leaders and teams.