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PGZ Consulting

Are you living to work or working to live? Are you denying your personality to fit a mould? Do you ever wonder Why won’t people follow me? Why are they not understanding me? Why am I getting so frustrated? Do you know how emotionally intelligent you are? Do you understand your own emotional capital? When you really understand your head, your heart and trust your intuition you can be a powerhouse.

You are unique. All your idiosyncrasies and wonky bits can be your strengths. Be bold. Be you. Using the UNIQUE framework for success we can work together to give you the balance you need to be successful in life and work. “Unless I am myself I am nobody” Virginia Woolf Book a free 30 min call with Gail to help you pinpoint what is happening for you right now.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence and the Roche Martin Emotional Capital Framework is a core part of our offering. As emotional intelligence is 90% of a leader's success knowing yourself and your competence in EI is key to being a leader that leads a high performing team


As a Performance Coach my coaching offering focuses on each person's UNIQUEness. I help people to Understand who they really are Navigate and nurture key business relationships. Identify obstacles that get in the way: things you think are barriers start to enable you to -  achieve Quick wins and kickass strategies to accelerate results   develop an Understanding of when to adapt behaviours  let you be Everything you can be with all that you have  

Executive Coaching

Executive Leadership can be a very lonely place where people can feel that they aren't able to bounce ideas of peers and colleagues from fear of being judged. With Executive coaching I offer the safe space to think, try out approaches, sense check ideas and remove the interference that locks up potential to thrive.

Change Management

We offer Change Management workshops and coaching to support organisations to see the benefit of the change by winning the hearts and minds of the people it is affecting. Often change success is down to a very important ingredient that gets missed out. People. Understanding what you are leaving behind and celebrating that and its ending and then focussing on the future