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  • Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales and Commercial Training
  • DEI Training
  • Culture Development
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emotional Intelligence


We are Pressurepoint. Through our unique approach - Less Friction, More Flow℠- we help organisations to decode the link between individual and team performance and business results.

Using tried & tested strategies, we oil the cogs, solve frictions, and help clients to empower good people to deglitch goals. Creative, curious, and versatile, we design and deliver tailor-made programs to tackle your unique challenges.

Ranging from leadership through change, influencing through consultative selling, creating high-performance teams, strengthing your culture, unleashing creativity and enhancing Mental toughness. But don’t take our word for it. Since we started Pressurepoint in 2000, we’ve partnered with clients including Sanderson Design Group, JCB, Vocalink, Mastercard, EssenceMediacom, Creative UK, Renault, Mindshare, Penguin Random House, Vodafone, Diageo and BAE Systems Ltd. Equipping them to solve complex people challenges with ease and at pace.

Discover more about the psychology of optimal organisational experience and access a curated collection from the Pressurepoint Case Study vault with us.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence underpins varying programs, particularly our leadership development and coaching programmes. In leadership and professional settings, EI promotes effective decision-making, conflict resolution, and team cohesion while also helping to cope with stress and adapt to challenging situations. It empowers people to empathise with others, fostering stronger communication and collaboration.


Our coaching programmes are designed to help empower people so that results flow. We offer a variety of coaching depending on the coachee’s needs - individual coaching may be leadership, executive or performance plus we offer group as well as team coaching programmes.

Executive Coaching

We provide a support and development environment whilst still stretching and safely challenging your executive talent to help them deliver their business goals, develop themselves cultivate their business relationships, and prioritise their own well-being. Our coaches serve as effective sounding boards for ideas and opinions, offer alternative viewpoints, and provide reassurance, in a confidential setting. It is always focused on executives’ needs.

Team Coaching

Our team coaching programmes are designed to help uncover frictions that may be preventing a team from being a highly performing team. Using a variety of tools and assessments, we measure where they are and help empower the team to work towards higher performance together.

Sales and Commercial Training

Our award-winning modular consultative selling programmes equip delegates with knowledge, skills, and techniques to improve how to build relationships to become trusted partners of KEY stakeholders. Usually underpinned by a mental toughness questionnaire. Outcomes include delegates having a framework for sales conversations, improved mental toughness and boosted confidence.

DEI Training

Organisations can be at different stages in the DEI process and our programs start by understanding where you are and where you aim to be. We use a variety of tools and techniques to help unlock the power of a diverse team, collaborating with you to design and develop a programme that works for your organisation and results in tactical actions for transformation.

Culture Development

Our cultural change programs are aimed at Cultural alignment on different levels, inside out. We use 3 unique tools to gather data to strategize, leverage, and shape organisational culture more effectively. The Cultural Orientations Framework (COF), The Brands with Values Culture Decoder and Innovisor. Collectively these help understand and facilitate change.

Change Management

Our change management programmes are underpinned by recognised, tried and tested change management principles. We'll build a clear picture with you by gathering data and then work closely with you to create a programme that steers your organisation towards success. Programmes may involve workshops, away days, coaching or other interventions.