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S Mundy Consulting Ltd


webFinancial Services; Industrial Services; Health Sector both public and private; Police Services; Local government; Charity sector

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  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Culture Development
  • Emotional Intelligence

S Mundy Consulting Ltd

As an experienced Executive Coach and management consultant, I am passionate about enabling leaders to recognise potential in themselves and those around them. I have worked with leaders and teams at all levels within organisations, across all sectors, supporting them to: Realise and release their own potential, Thrive and not just survive, Build agility and effectiveness into their team, Effectively drive and embed cultural change, Define and drive their future.

What can I offer you? One to one coaching, Highly interactive workshops to building effective teams, providing a clear understanding of individual and team strengths and areas for development, Insightful facilitation for top teams to support their challenging agendas; clarify goals and drive change implementation, Insight, advice and guidance in organisation design and development.


Emotional Intelligence

Working with individuals and teams to provide an understanding of what Emotional Intelligence means, how it impacts on individual leadership potential along with creating the opportunity for a collective view of the team benchmarks against EI competencies. This enables better decision-making; understanding team and individual strengths and using these to optimum ability.

Executive Coaching

I work with Executives in a trusted, confidential way enabling them to share their concerns, "unpick" issues/situations, understand pitfalls in behaviour and consider alternative approaches to achieving better outcomes.

Team Coaching

As a leader having an effective team around you is so important. The starting point is for each team member to know themselves a little more and then feel the safety of the team to share their understandings and unlock the barriers to effective thinking and working together.

Leadership Development

I work with leaders/HR/L&D to provide an assessment of individual leadership capabilities/EI/EQ from which I prepare a bespoke leadership development approach including team workshops and individual coaching.

Culture Development

Mission is great start, but it's not just what you do, but the way that you do it. Building a clear understanding of 'what it's like to work here' or Culture, is key. I work with Boards/Executives to elicit differentiating behaviours to create Capability frameworks that underpin HR/L&D processes.