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SK Corporate Wellness Solutions Ltd.

Our mission is "Building Connections" built on values of integrity, bravery and respect.

Transformative Coaching with Susan: Embark on a transformative journey with Susan, a certified member of the globally acclaimed ECR Partners Directory. Specializing in enhancing emotional intelligence, Susan's mindful coaching creates a sacred space for self-discovery, empowering individuals and teams to overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve profound personal and professional growth.

Individual Coaching: Unleashing Potential through Mindfulness: In the realm of individual coaching, Susan crafts a safe haven for exploration and action. Armed with mindfulness knowledge and researched coaching tools, she adopts a person-centered approach, guiding individuals to unlock their potential. Susan's coaching space becomes a canvas for self-awareness, enabling clients to identify unhelpful habits and build competencies, ultimately propelling them to excel and embody their best selves.

* Team Coaching: Navigating Business Goals with Well-being in Mind: With over twenty-five years of experience in diverse organizations, Susan brings a wealth of first-hand experience to team coaching. Working directly with team leads, she navigates the delicate balance between achieving business goals and maintaining team well-being. Susan understands the challenges of middle management and excels in supporting teams to achieve both individual and collective success.

*Expertise in Workplace Resilience and Well-being: Susan is not just a coach; she is a highly skilled facilitator with a knack for integrating resilience and well-being initiatives into the workplace. Her extensive experience includes advising organizations on developing sustainable well-being strategies, contributing to Mental Health First Aid Ireland, and shaping Ibec's KeepWell Mark well-being accreditation. Susan's guidance fosters behavioral changes that strengthen mental resilience, deepen connections, and create safe spaces for courageous conversations within corporate environments.

* Mindfulness Mastery: A Catalyst for Positive Change: As an Oxford Mindfulness Foundation workplace mindfulness graduate, Susan is a beacon of mindfulness expertise. Her journey includes becoming a hatha yoga teacher, completing MBSR training, and continuous professional development to deepen her mindfulness knowledge. Informed by the latest research, Susan's Mindfulness in Business Series is a testament to her commitment to building connected and mentally resilient employees in organizations such as Alkermes, Ibec, Irish Wheelchair Associations, Vistatec, and 4Most UK.

* Client Testimonial: Empowering Professional Impact: "Susan is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Her coaching was detailed and personally tailored to my needs. She provided excellent insights to maximize my impact professionally. I took so much from the coaching sessions and would highly recommend it. Thanks."

* Beyond Coaching: Mindfulness Initiatives and Expertise: In addition to coaching, Susan is an expert in implementing team mindfulness-based initiatives that foster connection and enhance communication within teams. Susan's multifaceted approach to coaching reflects her dedication to empowering individuals and teams, guiding them towards lasting success in both personal and professional realms.


Emotional Intelligence

Susan's coaching brilliance lies in her mastery of emotional intelligence and enhancing the emotional literacy of clients . A certified ECR Partners Directory member, she navigates self-discovery with a mindful touch, empowering clients to transcend self-limiting beliefs. With over 25 years of experience, Susan seamlessly integrates emotional intelligence into her coaching, fostering both personal and professional growth.


Susan excels in fostering self-awareness, dismantling limiting beliefs and guidance in developing and delivering transformative personal strategies that tap into your potential. Susan's coaching brilliance lies in her mindful approach, establishing a secure haven for self-discovery. Susan's coaching is an art of attentive listening, offering a safe space for candid conversations. Here, clients explore blind spots and confront uncomfortable truths, fostering growth unimpeded.

Leadership Development

Susan's middle management leadership development coaching is a catalyst for transformative growth. With a nuanced understanding of the challenges in middle management roles, Susan tailors sessions to enhance leadership capabilities, foster effective communication, and navigate organisational complexities. Her expertise empowers middle managers to excel, driving success and well-being in tandem.

Wellness and Wellbeing

Susan channels her Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher expertise into well-being coaching. With a focus on attention training, Susan guides clients on their habitual thinking and behaviour patterns that erode wellbeing. Susan creates transformative coaching experiences, fostering mental resilience and supporting courageous conversations for an impactful sustainable approach to well-being.