ECR 360

ECR 360
Choose the 360 Multi-Rater Report which combines responses from your chosen raters and compares these scores to your ‘self’ scores to gain an understanding of the differences in perception. The report also has a Verbatim Section containing open-ended questions that provide raters with the opportunity to elaborate on responses. Finally, a Coaching Section examines those particular factors where ‘Self’ scores and Rater scores are significantly different and presents coaching strategies for improving leadership performance.
  • How Does it Work?
  • You are provided with two development reports – a 19-page ECR ‘Self’ report & a 21-page ECR Multi-Rater report. The completion process is simple including self-directed online management and administration of raters including: manager, peers, direct reports & others. Rater scores are compared to ‘Self’ scores to yield a gap analysis and an understanding of the differences in self and others perception. It also includes a Verbatim Section that allows raters to elaborate on responses

    The report can be delivered in two forms: - If you are an individual wanting to build your personal emotional intelligence, the report is delivered immediately to your email. - If you are a professional coach using the report with clients, you can attend the Emotional Intelligence Training which certifies you to deliver ECR feedback. Once certified you will have access to the RocheMartin EQStore where you can purchase reports that can be sent exclusively to you as the coach for later delivery in a personal coaching session

  • Who Is It For?
  • Individuals interested in assessing and developing their leadership abilities. Executive coaches who use the ECR 360 Report to provide insights to their clients and to frame transformational coaching discussions.

  • Become Accredited
  • The ECR 360 is best interpreted when users possess expert knowledge of the ECR. Become the expert in emotional intelligence by completing the ECR & ECR 360 Certification.

  • How To Access This Product
  • Candidates take the ECR 360 Report online via any standard web browser by clicking on a unique hyperlink provided to them by RocheMartin.


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