ESi Sports Report

ESi Sports Report
Measure your key performance competencies and obtain a snapshot of your global emotional intelligence score and your score on each individual competency. It builds mental toughness so you remain self-motivated and sustain competitive energy. When the athlete completes the assessment, scores are calculated and a fully customized 18 page coaching report is produced, highlighting strengths and development areas across 10 performance competencies.

In addition to the results, the report provides suggestions and exercises on how to strengthen a given competency. A personal Action Plan is also provided to help build the skills and resources necessary for responding to the challenges of sports competition.
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  • How Does It Work?
  • It builds mental toughness so you remain self-motivated and sustain competitive energy. It enables you to take emotional control in response to frustration and disappointment. Helps you to stay mentally alert and focused to deal with distractions and competitive stresses. You maintain your power of purpose and reach beyond current limits to attain your highest goals. It helps you understand how negative emotions are holding you back in competitive situations.

  • Who Is It For?
  • Athletes are often separated not by their technical or cognitive skills, but how well they are able to apply their abilities and talents under a variety of pressures. Athletes and coaches will now have more information to help the athlete reach their performance potential.

  • Become Accredited In ESi
  • The ESi is best interpreted when users possess expert knowledge. Become an expert in emotional intelligence by completing our Certification Programme.

  • How To Access This Product
  • Candidates take the ESi Report online via any standard web browser by clicking on a unique hyperlink provided to them by RocheMartin.


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