Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Teenagers & Children

Sep 21 2023 | Tags: Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence Training, Resilience, Teenagers

Building Emotional Intelligence and Resilience in Teenagers & Children

If you are a parent, caregiver or teacher then you will know our kids are facing big mental health challenges. Teenage anxiety, depression & suicide rates are at confronting levels around the world and it is vital, therefore, we teach them critical life skills beyond the classroom.  Building emotional and social skills such as optimism has been proven to inoculate children from many mental health challenges. 

Hosted by world renowned corporate and clinical psychologist Dr. Martyn Newman and featuring a keynote from Hank van de Merwe, author of 'Yes I can, A teenage resilience guide. This webinar discusses helping you better understand the mental health challenges faced by our children and gives you a set of tactics and strategies you can put to work straight away. It covers:

  • Building Emotional & Social Skills in children between the ages of 11 and 18
  • Introducing the ECR Youth and RocheMartin's Social & Emotional Learning Academy
  • Introduce the "Yes I can, a teenage resilience guide" Programme 
  • Empower you to start working with supporting the children in your life build these critical life skills. 


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