The connection between Emotional Intelligence and mental health

Nov 11 2022 | Tags: Emotional Intelligence

The connection between Emotional Intelligence and mental health

If you study mental health issues, you’ll see that most are often due to the inability to manage distressing emotions. It’s these emotions which can negatively affect you both physically and mentally.

This connects to Emotional Intelligence (EQ), as these skills can be used to regulate your emotions - both in the workplace and in your personal life.  

For example, self-control allows you to stay calm, while optimism gives you resilience and allows you to maintain a positive and adaptable perspective of the world. 

So how does this apply to leaders in organisations?

Leaders have to use these EQ skills to stay calm and keep employees focused on important tasks, often by redirecting tension and maintaining motivation. 

From a clinical psychological point of view, we've found the use of Emotional Intelligence for mental health to be one of the most profound frameworks for helping people to manage their well-being and happiness.

Watch the video above to hear Dr Martyn Newman discuss Emotional Intelligence and its relationship with mental health. 

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