RocheMartin’s Emotional Intelligence platform helps people become better leaders, develop their emotional skills and be their best self.

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The world’s most advanced platform for measuring and developing Emotional Intelligence

  • Proven to deliver exceptional performance gains across all levels of an organisation.
  • Innovative end-to-end platform to assess and develop Emotional Intelligence.
  • Underpinned with analysis of 142+ scientific papers and the largest normative sample of more than 180,000 profiles of the highest performing leaders.
  • Proactive customer success management and support to help leaders and teams continuously enhance EQ skills.
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RocheMartin have supported a significant transformation at Sky... which continues to be one of the most acclaimed and effective leadership programmes at Sky to-date.

Ralph Tribe, Chief People Officer, Sky


Transform your organisation

90% of the world's top executives have high Emotional Intelligence and studies have shown it is responsible for up to 63% of overall performance.

Our EQ platform is scientifically proven to transform the leadership and employee behaviours needed to drive exceptional business performance.


EQ products

Become a certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner

Emotional Intelligence is a vital set of skills at all levels in an organisation. Whether you're a coach, consultant or HR/L&D professional, EQ development is scientifically proven to deliver measurable impact and ROI.

Certified Practitioners become experts in using and delivering our proprietary products, including our Emotional Capital Report (ECR) - a psychometric tool used by Fortune 500 companies that’s recognised as a global benchmark in measuring the EQ of professional people.


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Change behaviour.
Fuel business and people growth.

The RocheMartin Emotional Intelligence platform can be used in a broad variety of ways to drive personal and professional performance.  

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Leadership Development

Our EI leadership training and product solutions develop the emotional and social skills leaders need to operate at peak performance. We help organisations develop resilient leaders, build high-performing teams and retain their best talent.


pattern recruitment
Recruitment & Selection

Recruiting and selecting people based on Emotional Intelligence produces superior results. Our ECR Selection Report™ combines psychometric profiling with semi-structured behavioural interviewing. It is a highly effective tool for talent identification and selecting high-performing employees.

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pattern wellness
Wellness and Wellbeing

EQ focuses on emotional regulation and provides one of the best frameworks for building positive workplace cultures that protect people. Our wellbeing-focused solutions improve attention, stimulate creative thinking, strengthen relationships and drive better performance.

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pattern diversity
Diversity & Inclusion

Emotional Intelligence skills support a culture of psychological safety and inclusion. We help organisations take advantage of this - when people collectively solve problems, they bring forward different information, opinions and perspectives which can lead to better performance.

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pattern culture

Our EQ training solutions have been transforming business culture for over 15 years. We've helped some of the world's best known organisations build high performance cultures founded on emotional and social competencies that can be measured and developed on a continuous basis.

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pattern sales growth
Empowering Sales Teams

Sales professionals must know how to manage their own emotions and be skillful at managing the emotions of others intelligently to win the sale. EQ is a powerful framework that develops the ability to regulate and influence emotions in the course of managing a deal through the sales pipeline.

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Start building your Emotional Capital today.

Develop the emotional skills to drive performance and be your best self.


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