EQ gives you the sporting edge

Jul 13 2010 | Tags: Emotional Intelligence

EQ gives you the sporting edge

Emotional intelligence (EQ) can have a big impact in all areas of our lives: at home, in the workplace and now also on the sporting field. For athletes, research shows that talent, skill and physical conditioning are important but it is often the emotional skills that really distinguish the top performers from the rest of the pack.

Developing emotional skills allows athletes to remain self-motivated, sustain their competitive energy, deal effectively with frustrations and setbacks, and stay focused on achieving their potential.

RocheMartin’s Emotional Intelligence Sports Inventory (ESi) was developed to assist athletes in measuring and developing their emotional skills to achieve greater sporting success. Now we’re pleased to announce that our licensing partner, New Edge Performance, has launched an exciting online service for athletes and coaches based around the ESi.

Focused particularly on the North American market, New Edge provides an assessment on 10 key competencies, dynamic coaching tool with customized advice, and an action plan to help the athlete and coach develop strategies to move to the next level of performance.

Announcing the launch, New Edge president John Haime said that:

“We have seen the very positive impact that enhancing Emotional Intelligence competencies has had on the world’s top leaders and corporate performers over the past 10 years. We all know that emotions run the show in elite performance. While the business world has moved on from being served personality tests – to measures of Emotional Intelligence, the sport world has not – until now”

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