Coping Strategies for the NHS

Apr 20 2020 | Tags: Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence

Coping Strategies for the NHS



In this episode we focus on the current personal and professional challenges that NHS staff are facing in the current crisis.

From senior leaders, doctors, nurses and support staff each has never faced what they do today.

What are those issues, how do they manifest themselves and what are the key behaviours they can develop to deal with them.

We are joined by:

Dr Ian Wilson – Training Program Director at Health Education England and ECR Practitioner.

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druee CBE – ECR Practitioner/Coach and former Chair of Kingston NHS Trust

Dr Martyn Newman – Co-founder of RocheMartin

Dr Catherine Railton – Very recently qualified Dr who is about to start work on the front line.

Some of the topics covered include:

How much stress are NHS employees currently under?

How do we break down the key components of that? (Tiredness, anxiety for one’s own health, sheer volume of work, making difficult decisions, dealing with the death of patients etc…)

How does it feel as a new Dr joining the NHS to face such challenging circumstances?

As part of your training what development were you given to face such challenges?

As a much more experience medical professional what advice can you give?

Although these are unique circumstances what have you faced, and coped with in the past, that you can learned from? What did you do to help yourself?

What support is in place to help NHS employees through these challenges?

What are some practical strategies to cope with this?

What are some of the key EQ Competencies that people can focus on?

How do people develop those?

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