Improving your organisation with Emotional Intelligence

May 30 2022 | Tags: Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence Training

Improving your organisation with Emotional Intelligence

Twenty years ago, the psychologist Dan Goleman first introduced the idea that reaching your full potential is largely the result of factors that go beyond your own intellect. And these factors are based on how we recognise and manage emotions, both in ourselves and in others. 

Goleman made it clear that the skills to manage these emotions could be learned and developed which opened up the potential for powerful behavioural change within individuals. 

So how do you do this with your leadership team?

There are three key focus areas to focus on:

1. Inner focus

This involves equipping leaders with skills like self-awareness and self-management to master their moods and deliver consistent behaviour. These skills enable leaders to maintain their level of positive focused energy which inspires people and generates positive morale. 

2. Other focus

This entails enhancing people’s capacity to influence others by developing the skills that create trusting relationships, teamwork and morale. These are essential if you want to ensure the success of a diversion and inclusion initiative or enhance the capacity of multi-generational teams to work together. 

3. Outer focus

This equips leaders with skills such as optimism and adaptability which allows them to respond to new challenges and respond flexibly to new opportunities. 

Watch the video below to learn more about these three key focus areas and how they equip leaders with essential Emotional Intelligence skills.



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